Bitcoin is of ‘national strategic importance’ says US Space Force officer

2 months ago

The United States needs to formally analyse utilizing proof-of-work networks specified arsenic Bitcoin (BTC) to support the state from cyber-inflicted warfare, according to Jason Lowery, a subordinate of the United States Space Force.

In a four-page letter to the U.S. Defense Innovation Board connected Dec. 2, Lowery explained that portion Bitcoin is mostly seen arsenic a “monetary system” to unafraid funds, fewer cognize that Bitcoin tin beryllium utilized to unafraid “all forms of data, messages oregon bid signals.”

“As a result, this misconception underplays the technology’s wide strategical value for cybersecurity, and consequently, nationalist security.”

The Defense Innovation Board is an autarkic advisory committee acceptable up to bring the technological innovation and champion practices of Silicon Valley to the U.S. Military. Lowery utilized the missive to impulse the committee to counsel the Secretary of Defense to analyse the "national strategical importance" of PoW systems similar Bitcoin.

Lowery utilized the missive to impulse the committee to counsel the Secretary of Defense to analyse the "national strategical importance” of PoW systems similar Bitcoin.

In his letter, Lowery explained that a proof-of-work strategy similar Bitcoin could enactment to deter adversaries from cyberattacks owed to the “steep costs” of a physically resource-intensive machine successful the aforesaid mode subject assets assistance to deter subject attacks against the country.

“Proof-of-work mirrors the carnal information and deterrence strategies utilized successful different domains similar land, sea, air, and space,” but instead, it does it successful the integer domain, Lowery explained.

BREAKING: US Space Force Major, Jason Lowery sends unfastened missive astir #Bitcoin to DOD’s Defense Innovation Board.

“I contend that reusable proof-of-work networks similar #Bitcoin correspond an offset strategy for the 21st century.”

— Dennis Porter (@Dennis_Porter_) December 3, 2023

Bitcoin’s imaginable cybersecurity applications are huge, according to Lowery, and could play an important relation successful the U.S. maintaining its presumption arsenic the satellite leader.

“Addressing this could beryllium captious for the US to support its positions arsenic a planetary superpower and person among nations, particularly successful an progressively integer and interconnected satellite plagued by information vulnerabilities.”

Lowery says it has the imaginable to kickstart the “cybersecurity revolution” too.

“[It is] the opening of a cybersecurity revolution. It converts the planetary electrical powerfulness grid into a large, physically costly computer, oregon ‘macrochip,’ and uses it to physically constrain malicious actors and safeguard a wide scope of information and messages traversing the internet.”

Lowery concluded Bitcoin’s cybersecurity exertion aligns “perfectly with a strategical offset” and that the U.S. Department of Defense whitethorn person already “lost invaluable time” by not implementing it into its arsenal.

Lowery is besides a nationalist defence chap astatine Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and antecedently proposed a cybersecurity tool connected the Bitcoin basal furniture successful March, which helium claims is susceptible of transforming the country’s nationalist security.

Bitcoin “best defender” of U.S. interests: Coinbase CEO

Meanwhile, successful a abstracted thread connected X, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong argued that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could play a pivotal relation successful helping the United States support its dominance with the U.S. dollar, according to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

“One thought I’ve been contemplating is that Bitcoin whitethorn beryllium the cardinal to extending occidental civilization,” said Armstrong successful a Dec. 3 post, explaining that cryptocurrencies tin enactment successful tandem with the U.S. dollar alternatively of dethroning it.

“I deliberation it volition beryllium a earthy cheque and equilibrium that volition complement the dollar and beryllium the champion defender of agelong word American interests,” Armstrong added.

One thought I’ve been contemplating is that Bitcoin whitethorn beryllium the cardinal to extending occidental civilization.

The earthy inclination of whichever state has the reserve currency is to inflate the wealth proviso and summation shortage spending until it loses that advantage. The U.S. is determination on…

— Brian Armstrong ️ (@brian_armstrong) December 3, 2023

He explained that satellite leaders often neglect to clasp the reserve currency by inflating its wealth proviso and expanding its shortage spending.

“The U.S. is determination connected this journey,” Armstrong explained but stressed the Chinese yuan and Euro aren’t viable alternatives astatine the infinitesimal arsenic they person issues of their own.

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Instead, cryptocurrencies person the imaginable to beryllium the alternate currency successful the lawsuit of a U.S. dollar downfall:

“What I deliberation galore haven’t considered is that radical person an alternate present with crypto. They whitethorn commencement moving fiat into crypto, arsenic an antidote to inflation.”

Armstrong stressed it’s amended to determination from dollars to cryptocurrencies than different country’s fiat currency if the U.S. dollar loses its dominance.

He added that U.S. dollar-backed stablecoins similar USD Coin (USDC) and the emergence of level coins will play a “major relation successful unifying these worlds.”

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