Bitcoin Spot ETFs: Issuers Set New Record As Weekly Inflows Cross $2.2 Billion

2 months ago

Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds person been online successful the US for lone 2 months, but their performance has acold eclipsed immoderate different plus class. These ETFs precocious deed a caller milestone, drafting implicit $2.2 cardinal successful inflows past week alone, shattering the erstwhile play grounds set connected the archetypal week of trading. This is simply a peculiarly noteworthy improvement because, arsenic elder Bloomberg expert Eric Balchunas pointed out, this inflow skyrocketed past the 3,400 positive ETFs disposable successful the US, similar the SPLG US and the SPY US. 

Bitcoin ETF Inflows Surge Amid Competition

Bitcoin ETFs person afloat captured the involvement of organization investors, with trading measurement indicating their appealing nature. Trading measurement statistic uncover these 10 ETFS person been experiencing a large woody of enactment since their launch, netting much than $2.3 cardinal past week unsocial to bring the full inflow to $4.926 cardinal since they went live. As pointed retired by Eric Balchunas, the important inflow past week puts the ETFs supra much established ETFs successful the United States.

The 10 bitcoin ETFs netted +$2.3b past week. For context, that is much than immoderate different ETF (out of 3,400) took in. $IBIT unsocial was #2. This brings full nett to +$5b, which is much than BlackRock arsenic a full has taken in. Again, this is each nett GBTC bleed. Throw that retired and the…

— Eric Balchunas (@EricBalchunas) February 17, 2024

Notably, astir of this inflow went into BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), which has outperformed the 9 different Bitcoin ETFs and ETFs of different plus classes. IBIT accumulated $1.673 cardinal successful nett inflows passim the week, making it the third-largest inflow among immoderate of the 3,500 positive exchange-traded funds. 

At the adjacent of past week’s trading session, BlackRock’s IBIT has received a $5.2 cardinal nett inflow since its launch. Notably, this amounts to 50% of the concern company’s nett inflow of $10.4 cardinal from its 417 ETFs since the opening of the year. 

It’s important to enactment that these staggering inflow numbers person travel amidst an ongoing outflow from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF (GBTC). While outflows from the ETFs person slowed down compared to caller weeks, the GBTC witnessed $624 cardinal successful outflows during the week. “Again, this is each nett GBTC bleed,” Balchunas noted.

BTC Bullish Price Momentum Set To Continue

Bitcoin’s terms has skyrocketed implicit 33% successful the past 30 days, precocious topping $52,000 per coin for the archetypal clip since 2021. Current terms enactment shows Bitcoin has somehow stabilized astir this terms point, with the crypto trading betwixt $52,700 and $50,700 successful the past 5 days. At the clip of writing, Bitcoin is trading astatine $52,307.

However, the fearfulness of missing retired connected further gains is driving galore caller investors to Bitcoin ETFs. According to an analyst, inflows into these ETFs are connected way to scope $150 cardinal by the extremity of 2025. With a caller all-time precocious now looking plausible, Bitcoin is acceptable to proceed connected its terms summation arsenic spot ETF trading commences passim the week.

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