BlockFi creditor group approves restructuring plan; lending users await payouts

2 months ago

BlockFi’s restructuring program has been approved by the company’s absorption and creditor committee, according to an email sent to users connected Sept. 30.

In that email, BlockFi wrote:

“[We are] pleased to denote that connected Tuesday, September 26, 2023 our Chapter 11 Plan … was confirmed. Through the voting process … we received overwhelming enactment for the Plan with implicit 90% support successful magnitude crossed each voting classes.”

The institution went connected to authorities that it “worked diligently” with members of the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee (UCC) to scope the agreement.

BlockFi said that the program volition let it to retrieve assets that FTX, Three Arrows Capital (3AC), and different parties beryllium to it. This portion of the restructuring process is analyzable by the information that some FTX and 3AC person recently contested BlockFi’s betterment plans. Some of the objecting parties seemingly mean to prosecute claims against BlockFi arsenic well.

BlockFi additionally said that the finalized program volition let it to proceed distributing cryptocurrency backmost to affected users. The plan’s support volition besides let it to proceed its claims process, ensuring that users person the due magnitude of funds.

The plan’s support besides means that BlockFi volition soon beryllium capable to exit bankruptcy and upwind down. This volition hap erstwhile the program becomes effectual and erstwhile overseas courts admit that the program has been approved by the U.S. bankruptcy court.

BlockFi halted withdrawals and filed for bankruptcy successful November 2022. Reports astatine the clip said that the steadfast owed $1 cardinal to $10 cardinal to implicit 100,000 creditors.

More users volition soon entree withdrawals

The latest improvement means that different radical of BlockFi users volition beryllium capable to assertion compensation for the archetypal clip since the company’s collapse.

BlockFi said that customers who clasp funds successful a BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) oregon Retail Loans volition soon person emails with instructions connected withdrawals. The steadfast said that this process volition statesman successful the coming months but did not supply immoderate nonstop commencement date.

The institution added that, pursuing the archetypal radical of distributions, determination apt volition beryllium aboriginal distributions with amounts determined by the result of FTX’s bankruptcy case.

BlockFi besides noted that BlockFi Wallet withdrawals are presently successful process. It urged users to taxable a petition to person their crypto funds portion the withdrawal play remains open. The institution opened withdrawals for wallet users connected Aug. 17.

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