Buenos Aires to Bring Blockchain-Based Digital ID to Millions of Citizens

2 months ago
Buenos Aires to Bring Blockchain Based Digital ID to Millions of Citizens

The metropolis of Buenos Aires has announced that it volition rotation retired a blockchain-based, privacy-focused integer ID wallet starting successful October. The Quarkid project, antecedently known arsenic Tangoid, volition let its users to download a “self-sovereign” wallet to clasp their commencement and matrimony certificates, with much integer documents to beryllium added aboriginal this year.

Buenos Aires to Roll Out Blockchain-Based ID Program

The City of Buenos Aires authorities announced the deployment of a digital, blockchain-based “self-sovereign” ID task for its citizens. The wallet, called Quarkid, formerly known arsenic Tangoid and scheduled to beryllium operating by past January, volition supposedly let its users to exert afloat ownership of their data, granting lone trusted and permissioned 3rd parties access.

The Quarkid wallet volition usage Zksync Era, a zero-knowledge (ZK) Ethereum L2 (Layer 2) protocol, arsenic its base, allowing the usage of this benignant of mathematical impervious for privateness and confidentiality purposes. Quarkid was co-created by Extrimian, an Argentine institutionally focused blockchain services company, which aims to widen this work to the full country.

On the value of this move, Extrimian CEO Guillermo Villanueva stated:

This is simply a monumental measurement towards a safer and much businesslike aboriginal for authorities services successful Latin America. Quarkid creates a person narration betwixt a authorities and its citizens portion besides bringing integer individuality practices and information standards to Latin America.

Document Availability and Future

The archetypal signifier of the rollout of Quarkid volition commencement successful October, with the authorities of Buenos Aires allowing citizens to assertion basal documents, including commencement and matrimony certificates. However, aboriginal this year, successful November, citizens of Buenos Aires volition beryllium capable to assertion documents similar proof-of-income and world verification utilizing their Quarkid wallets. At the extremity of this year, the authorities volition plan a roadmap to grow its services to much than 2.5 cardinal citizens.

Diego Fernandez, Secretary of Innovation of Buenos Aires and 1 of the supporters down the thought of integer identity, explained that with this innovation, the metropolis would “set the modular for however different countries successful the portion should usage blockchain exertion for the payment of their people.”

Furthermore, Quarkid hopes to widen its implementation to each 45 cardinal citizens successful Argentina eventually. From there, it aims to usage this acquisition arsenic a launchpad for a imaginable collaboration with the marketplace successful Latin America.

What bash you deliberation astir Quarkid and the adoption of integer individuality successful Buenos Aires? Tell america successful the comments conception below.

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