Finance Expert Predicts Bitcoin Will Touch $100,000 Soon, Here’s When

2 months ago

Renowned concern writer Robert Kiyosaki has once again made a bullish terms prediction for the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. This time, helium predicts that Bitcoin volition deed $100,000 and mentions erstwhile precisely this volition happen. 

When Bitcoin Will Hit $100,000

Kiyosaki mentioned successful an X (formerly Twitter) post that Bitcoin volition deed $100,000 by June 2024. However, helium didn’t notation what volition propel this monolithic terms surge. The concern adept is known to beryllium a immense advocator of the foremost crypto token and, at antithetic times, fixed his sentiment connected its potential. 

Before now, Kiyosaki, who authored the best-selling publication ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ said that Bitcoin was going to emergence to $150,000 and singled retired the Spot Bitcoin ETFs as what would thrust this parabolic move. He had besides once identified the Bitcoin Halving arsenic being pivotal for BTC’s growth. 

Interestingly, the writer is believed to beryllium a ‘crypto OG’ arsenic helium antecedently shared his excitement astir investing successful BTC “years ago.” He besides continues to impulse others to bash the same, claiming that it is the mode to avoid becoming poorer owed to the actions of the government. Kiyosaki doesn’t shy distant from criticizing the authorities and precocious went arsenic acold arsenic branding the Federal Reserve “a transgression organization.”

According to him, the “Fed has destroyed the economy, made the mediocre and mediate people poorer, and bailed retired their affluent banking friends.” Instead of trusting the Fed (possibly to combat inflation), Kiyosaki stated that helium would alternatively enactment his spot successful Bitcoin and different assets similar Gold and Silver. 

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BTC Will Hit $100,000 But How Soon?

There seems to beryllium a statement among respective crypto analysts that Bitcoin volition nary uncertainty deed $100,000 successful the adjacent bull run. However, the eventual question remains erstwhile precisely this volition happen. Just similar Kiyosaki, crypto expert Kevin Svenson believes that this terms level isn’t acold off. 

Tom Dunleavy, Partner and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) astatine MV Capital, besides predicted that Bitcoin volition deed $100,000 this year, though helium didn’t springiness a much precise timeframe similar Kiyosaki. While immoderate predictions stay devoid of a circumstantial timeframe, the content is that this parabolic terms surge volition hap aft Bitcoin Halving.

The Halving lawsuit has been projected to beryllium what kickstarts the adjacent bull run. That isn’t surprising, considering that Bitcoin is known to assertion a caller all-time precocious (ATH) aft miners’ rewards are cut successful half. One of the astir bullish post-halving terms predictions is Anthony Scaramucci’s prediction that BTC volition deed $170,000 successful 2025.  

At the clip of writing, Bitcoin was trading astatine astir $52,300, up implicit 1% successful the past 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap. 

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