FTX Exploiter Transfers 5,000 ETH Ahead Of Ether Futures ETF Launch

2 months ago

Some 5,000 ETH, worthy implicit $8.2 million, person been moved from a wallet code associated with the FTX hacker. This improvement marks the archetypal clip assets person been transferred retired of the hacker’s wallet pursuing the exploit astir a twelvemonth ago.

FTX Hacker Moves 5,000 ETH, Spot On Chain Reveals

Marked arsenic 1 the biggest crypto heists ever, the now-defunct FTX speech suffered a nonaccomplishment of implicit $600 cardinal done an hack successful November 2022, a fewer hours aft filing for bankruptcy. 

According to the on-chain analytics level Spot On Chain, the FTX exploiter has present transferred 5,000 ETH successful 2 transactions, moving 2,500 ETH to 2 abstracted wallets with a abstraction of 2 hours betwixt some transactions. 

🚨🚨 FTX Exploiter 0x3e957 conscionable moved 2500 $ETH ($4.2M) to caller addresses

This is the archetypal clip the code has been progressive since the hack 10 months ago. The code inactive holds 12.5K $ETH

Follow the adjacent actions via our level at

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— Spot On Chain (@spotonchain) September 30, 2023

Spot connected Chain further revealed that pursuing the archetypal transaction, the hacker moved 700 ETH done the Thorchain Router and 1,200 ETH done the DeFi wallet Railgun, some crypto projects that are lauded for their privacy-focused features.

Aside from the root of these transferred assets, the movements of the FTX exploiter person drawn overmuch attraction owed to a cardinal improvement successful the crypto space, with galore enthusiasts and analysts present speculating connected a imaginable marketplace sell-off. 

Could FTX Hacker Be Planning A Sell-Off As Ether Futures ETF Launch Nears?

This week, reports swelled that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was looking to wide immoderate Ether futures ETH for motorboat adjacent week up of a imaginable authorities shutdown.

These reports picked up much steam successful little than a time erstwhile the VanEck Investment steadfast announced plans to soon motorboat an Ether futures ETH, named the VanEck Ethereum Strategy ETF. 

However, Valkyrie Investments, who had been tipped to beryllium the forerunner for the SEC’s approval, finally won the race, securing the commission’s greenish airy to motorboat the first-ever Ether futures ETF successful the US. 

Following the authoritative motorboat of an Ether futures ETF, determination is apt a monolithic affirmative effect connected ETH terms movement. Just successful the past 2 days of akin affirmative quality astir this concern fund, the second-largest cryptocurrency already roseate by 4%, based connected data from CoinMarketCap

Now, the caller token transfers by the FTX hacker are usually associated with an impending merchantability action. Thus, determination is simply a anticipation that this atrocious histrion could beryllium readying to instrumentality nett from the imaginable ETH terms surge, which could beryllium generated from the motorboat of ETH futures ETF. 

Such selling enactment is simply a communal signifier by crypto whales and is known to induce a bearish trend, which could beryllium unsafe for tiny traders. 

At the clip of writing, ETH trades astatine $1,677, with a 5.77% summation successful the past day. Meanwhile, the token’s regular trading measurement is down by 44.35% and valued astatine $3.8 billion. 

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