Fundstrat Exec Predicts Bitcoin Will Reach $150,000, Here’s When

2 months ago

Tom Lee, Managing Partner and Head of Research astatine Fundstrat Global Advisors, precocious commented connected the future trajectory of Bitcoin. He besides mentioned erstwhile the flagship crypto token could deed this peculiar terms level. 

Bitcoin To Rise To $150,000 This Year

Lee mentioned during an appearance connected CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that Bitcoin could emergence to arsenic high arsenic $150,000 this year. His content that BTC could emergence to this terms level is owed to the information that request is improving with the Spot Bitcoin ETFs. These funds are known to person achieved important occurrence since launching, thing which has positively impacted Bitcoin’s price. 

Lee alluded to the Bitcoin Halving arsenic different origin that could lend to Bitcoin’s emergence to $150,000. He specifically noted however the crypto token’s proviso is going to shrink erstwhile the Halving lawsuit takes place. Interestingly, manufacture adept Anthony Pompliano recently highlighted however the request for BTC was outpacing its supply. 

This inclination is expected to proceed erstwhile the Halving takes place, arsenic the magnitude of BTC mined regular volition drastically reduce. Meanwhile, Spot Bitcoin ETFs and different organization investors are expected to support stacking up the crypto token without immoderate hesitation.

Lee besides noted that a monetary easing, which is expected this year, would beryllium favorable for a hazard plus similar Bitcoin. With ostentation cooling off, the Federal Reserve is projected to chopped down connected interest. This volition nary uncertainty supply a bullish communicative for Bitcoin arsenic investors are expected to treble down connected their concern successful the crypto token erstwhile this happens. 

BTC Still Headed For $500,000

Tom Lee had predicted during an appeearnce connected Squawk Box successful January this twelvemonth that BTC would emergence to $500,000 successful the adjacent 5 years. He erstwhile again reaffirmed this prediction during his astir caller quality connected CNBC. According to him, “Bitcoin is dependable money, and it is proving to beryllium useful,” which makes this terms level attainable. 

Elaborating connected however Bitcoin is useful, helium stated that the crypto token has been a large store of worth and besides a bully hazard asset. He added that BTC is “incredibly secure” arsenic determination has been an contented of immoderate fraudulent introduction connected the blockchain since its inception. The aforesaid cannot beryllium said of banking institutions, which Lee noted person a batch of fraudulent transactions. 

When quizzed astir however Bitcoin is utilized for nefarious activities, helium highlighted however the Dollar is utilized for a ample percent of crimes that instrumentality place, and nary 1 questions its utility.

At the clip of writing, Bitcoin is trading astatine astir $51,800, up successful the past 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap. 

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BTC terms astatine $51,900 | Source: BTCUSD connected

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