Why You Should Sell Your Bitcoin

2 years ago

If you are panicking close astir now, I implore you, successful fact, I impulse you to merchantability each of your bitcoin now. All of it.

No this is not a joke.

This nonfiction is not immoderate trading analysis, pick-me-up afloat of hopium oregon copium.

This is going to outline a bid of consecutive up facts and reasons wherefore you should dump your bitcoin, particularly earlier it goes immoderate lower. Because judge me, it will.

Nature is healing.

42 Reasons to merchantability your Bitcoin:

1. If you judge it won’t spell lower:

Then you’re successful for a rude awakening. Sell your bitcoin.

2. If you judge it won’t spell higher:

Then what are you adjacent doing here?

Sell your bitcoin.

3. If you judge successful 14-year-old tea-leave analysts with ample Twitter accounts:

If this is the ground upon which you bought bitcoin, past you should decidedly merchantability it all. Drawing lines connected a surface helps you recognize “why bitcoin” conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic watching idiosyncratic other bid astatine the gym helps you suffer weight.

To recognize bitcoin is to get some, usage it, store it, work endlessly astir however it works, wherefore it’s important, the disciplines it touches (energy, economics, anthropology, complexity) and more.

The terms and marketplace don’t substance unless you deliberation you tin outsmart it.

Which of people you're present starting to realize, you can’t. So either alteration your tune, get disconnected Pornhub and TradingView and find thing utile to bash with your beingness that adds existent value, similar engineering, oregon gardening, oregon reading.

Or … get the fuck out, merchantability your bitcoin and spell beryllium a degenerate drafting lines connected different screens.

4. The authorities cares astir you:

If you’re dumb capable to beleive this mantra, oregon that you are “represented,” oregon that “muh dEmoCrAcY” is simply a bully idea, conscionable springiness it up man. Bitcoin is not for you. The Department of Motor Vehicles and Internal Revenue Service person unfastened positions.

5. "Some different crypto is going to instrumentality over”

Then you indispensable beryllium caller here.

Everyone has to ascent Mt. Stupid astatine immoderate constituent successful their lives. If this is your archetypal clip climbing, I suggest you marque your mode backmost down the different side, quickly.

This article shall assistance you successful that journey, assuming you’d similar to travel down.

If you don’t, oregon you’ve been up determination for a while, past I suggest you enactment up there. Save the remainder of america immoderate oxygen and resources. We’ll enactment them to bully use.

There is nary fixing stupid: determination is lone freezing, retired successful the cold, meaningless vacuum of insanity wherever the content successful Lord Vitalik [or insert caller overlord] prevails.

6. Bitcoin is astir “muh gainz:”

Bitcoin has a mode of humbling everyone who gets progressive with it. Some of america larn that earlier on, others determine to effort and outsmart the marketplace done the exertion of intelligence felatio and the drinking of convoluted intelligence Kool-Aid.

Bitcoin is simply a unit of nature, and similar immoderate specified thing, cannot beryllium controlled oregon channeled.

Just erstwhile you deliberation you recognize it, and person drawn a fewer lines connected a chart, it volition thatch you the lesson, “No you don’t person maine figured out.”

No magnitude of dots, lines, rainbows, investigation oregon listening to 14-year-olds with large Twitter accounts volition prevention you.

There is truthful overmuch much astatine involvement here, and whilst you volition surely implicit the longer word spot a marked summation successful your purchasing power, if you’re present to marque money, you’re successful for a rude awakening.

You should conscionable merchantability your bitcoin present and spell enactment astatine McDonald’s.

7. If you’re A16Z:

Venture Capital firms specified arsenic Andreessen Horowitz are the enemy. They simply privation to make modern governmental vantage from the economical powerfulness they person amassed, by funding, building, pumping and past dumping shitcoins, NFT scams, Web 3.0 scams and the like. They aspire to beryllium the adjacent fiat-overlords by transitioning a wetware-centered kleptocracy into a software-centered panopticracy.

As such, they person nary request for Bitcoin. They should instrumentality with that which they tin control.

Come connected @pmarca - bash it. Sell the bitcoin you have. To Bitcoin you are insignificant. To your shitcoins, you tin beryllium the abdominous small lord.

8. If you’re Conbase:

Likewise, Brian and friends should dump each their bitcoin. I mean, you person hardly immoderate connected your equilibrium expanse anyway, truthful we each cognize however overmuch you care. You’ve been shilling shitcoins for astir a decennary now, and you’ve built a merchandise that enables degenerate gambling alternatively of semipermanent saving. You don’t attraction astir Bitcoin. You don’t attraction astir clip preferences. All you attraction astir is becoming a modern, digital, fiat slope with bitcoin simply listed arsenic “one of the tradable assets.” So basal by your concern model. Sell it. Take it disconnected your equilibrium sheet.

9. That blockchain is immoderate benignant of “underlying technology:”

Once again, climbers of Mt. Stupid (including myself) person astatine immoderate constituent seen this mirage and believed it was real.

To assistance heal your ailment, I springiness you the following abbreviated write-ups connected wherefore this is neither a technology, nor successful immoderate mode utile extracurricular of being a azygous constituent successful the look that makes Bitcoin useful.

10. That it’s Bitcoin and Crypto:

If you’ve got a “crypto portfolio,” past conscionable merchantability your bitcoin.


If you deliberation that they are successful immoderate mode alike different than immoderate method architecture, past you’re either hallucinating connected Mt. Stupid, you’re a potato, oregon you’re new.

If you’re new, erstwhile again I’ll springiness you the payment of the doubt, successful which case, I suggest you work the nonfiction linked to supra (“Why Bitcoin, Not Shitcoin”) and larn WHY bitcoin was designed to destruct fiat wealth of immoderate kind, including “cRyPto” that is conscionable issued by nerds and VCs alternatively of cardinal bankers and governments.

You should besides reappraisal this unthinkable thread by Gigi.

Crypto is an effectual onslaught connected Bitcoin insofar arsenic it attracts radical who take not to look immoderate deeper, who person a “save maine complex” and deliberation they request immoderate overlord oregon radical to contented their money, oregon a “savior complex” and deliberation they should beryllium the adjacent Klaus Schwab.

If that's the case, and you judge bitcoin and crypto are of the aforesaid ilk, past spot me, there’s mode amended cryptos. Sell your bitcoin and physique up your crypto portfolio with each the fabulous coins you tin take from connected Binance oregon Conbase.

11. That bitcoin is democratic:

If you deliberation you “get a vote” with Bitcoin, and that this “vote” of yours has immoderate bearing connected anybody else, you’re besides successful for a rude awakening.

Bitcoin is wholly incompatible with ideology oregon immoderate different “government of the majority” and downward spiraling “tyranny of the lowest communal denominator.”

Bitcoin is wholly voluntary, has nary legislature, has nary voting oregon on-chain governance and, similar nature, doesn’t springiness a fuck similar Nayib, your governmental views oregon your radical identity. For immoderate harsh truths, bookmark this piece.

Bitcoin enables excellence and hierarchies of competence successful which the champion emergence to the top. There is nary equalization oregon redistribution to and astatine the hands of the masses.

If that’s what you’re looking for, merchantability your bitcoin present and spell elsewhere.

12. If you judge NFTs are art:

At this point, if you’re holding an NFT which you paid a batch of wealth for, you should beryllium searching for God and for repentance. Or a cliff.

If you were anserine capable to conflate creation with a integer signature connected a breached tech task tally by a radical of nerdy tyrants that aspire toward swapping mothers retired for synthetic wombs … past I person small anticipation for you … oregon your future.

If you deliberation that integer information, whose precise quality is to beryllium escaped and disposable to all, tin someway person its essence captured successful a signature and beryllium made “non-fungible,” past I don’t cognize what to archer you … but …

NFTs are similar having a matrimony certificate portion your hubby oregon woman is sleeping with idiosyncratic else. Congratulations.

Perhaps you didn’t cognize this. Perhaps you climbed Mt. Stupid. Perhaps you enactment astatine Twitter. I don’t know. Maybe you judge successful unicorns too. Whatever the case, if you deliberation “muh NFTs” are going to alteration the world, past conscionable spell hard bro. Sell each your bitcoin and bargain those jpegs portion they’re worthy zero.

In fact, nonstop maine your bitcoin and I’ll nonstop you immoderate images successful exchange:


In fact, the pursuing QR codification is an NFT, and to get it, you conscionable unfastened your bitcoin wallet and nonstop bitcoin there:


If possibly you nary longer judge successful unicorns, and privation salvation ... I suggest you work this thread by the ever-brilliant Gigi.

13. If you deliberation PoS > PoW:

If you deliberation proof-of-stake is thing different than monetary seigniorage and that you tin someway cheat quality (work) done convoluted abstractions, past PLEASE, I implore you; merchantability your bitcoin.

Prove it. Go hard, similar a bully small slave, into everything and thing that is proof-of-stake, similar the USD, the Venezuelan Bolivar, Solana, Cohrdano and immoderate different caller shiny shitcoin your aboriginal overlords privation to contented you.

14. If you deliberation Bitcoin wastes energy:

Then you should decidedly merchantability it. In fact, you should merchantability your fridge, your drier, washing machine, television, stove, car and Christmas lights too.

If you’re dumb capable to judge that transforming energy straight into an incorruptible monetary portion and web is someway little businesslike than the full payments + merchant installation + banking, judicial + authorities + cardinal banking + subject concern complexes that beryllium not conscionable successful the U.S. but globally, past person I got a leprechaun NFT to merchantability you!

Furthermore, if you deliberation that vigor usage is someway bad, and that expanding the carrying capableness of a taxon by harnessing much vigor is evil, past you should not lone merchantability your bitcoin, but spell determination to the African Sahara, oregon Antarctica.

If by immoderate chance, you’ve made the mistake of conflating vigor usage with vigor wastage, past possibly there’s inactive anticipation for you. In which case, I suggest the pursuing remedy.

15. If you deliberation ESG is astir thing different than much governmental powerfulness and waste:

Then conscionable hurry up and merchantability your bitcoin.

Only a bureaucrat could beryllium anserine capable to deliberation that much bureaucracy is however we execute efficiency, crossed immoderate dimension.

16. That bitcoin is astir “equality:”

Lol … past possibly you should spell bargain Worldcoin from your champion person Sam Altman.


17. If you’re acceptable to ain thing and beryllium happy:

I mean, request I accidental much here? If this is the aboriginal you aspire toward, past conscionable donate your bitcoin to maine connected the code listed above. I’ll ain it and find meaning.

wef twitter quote

18. If you privation to unrecorded successful the beta verse:

You should merchantability your bitcoin for a integrative doll and immoderate Cialis.

19. If you privation to stay plugged into the matrix:

Then arsenic Morpheus said, you are not connected my team. If you are truthful inured by and attached to the system, past support it. Stay there. You’re my enemy, and the past idiosyncratic who I’d similar to person bitcoin is simply a imaginable agent.

“The Matrix is simply a system, Neo. That strategy is our enemy. But erstwhile you’re inside, you look around. What bash you see? Business people, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The precise minds of the radical we are trying to save. But until we do, these radical are inactive a portion of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You person to understand, astir of these radical are not acceptable to beryllium unplugged. And galore of them are truthful inured, truthful hopelessly babelike connected the strategy that they volition combat to support it.” -Morpheus, “The Matrix”

20. If you privation to beryllium the lowest mentation of yourself:

If your explanation of information and wellness is Netflix, BetaVerse Goggles, Uber Eats, a bid of injections, staying wrong and surviving connected Tik Tok, Instagram oregon Facebook, past delight enactment determination and permission the remainder of america the fuck alone.

Just devour your Cheetos, devour your authorities handouts and if you stumbled onto immoderate bitcoin, conscionable swap it for much nutrient and porn.

21. If you judge successful The Great Reset:

Then merchantability it all. Klaus needs much lemmings successful his satellite of the lowest communal denominator. You volition beryllium doped up connected anti-depressants, happy, with nothing, not adjacent your psyche oregon dignity remaining.

For this signifier of bipedal creature, nary magnitude of bitcoin tin help.

22. If you judge successful the World Economic Forum and the remainder of the three-letter agencies:

Then congratulations. You’re an idiot. You’ll ne'er recognize bitcoin, and for your safety, you should merchantability it now.

23. If you deliberation $69,000 was the top:

Then you should merchantability it.

24. If you deliberation $600 to $300 is immoderate antithetic from $60,000 to $30,000:

Then you can’t bash mathematics … truthful you should merchantability it.

25. If you deliberation $42,000 was the bottom:

Then you should merchantability it.

26. If you’re inactive watching Real Vision:

Then fuck maine … you’re decidedly beyond assistance oregon reason. These clowns person been close erstwhile successful 10 years and you’re inactive watching them?

I suggest you not lone merchantability your bitcoin, but bargain immoderate BSV, marque a poster of Raoul, enactment it connected your wall, instrumentality a photo, marque an NFT and unreal similar you conscionable made immoderate innovation successful Web 3.0.

27. If you deliberation “Toxic Maximalism” is simply a problem:

Then similar Udi, your deficiency of getting laid is the problem.

You whitethorn besides person trouble successful knowing however markets self-regulate, person nary thought what achromatic humor cells are oregon what they do, you whitethorn deliberation that we should “mandate” the removal of “bullying” due to the fact that it’s “mean” and that information is someway each sunshine and rainbows.

In that case, you should merchantability your bitcoin earlier it falls immoderate little and we bully you into selling it then.

28. If you person posters of Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Paul Krugman connected your wall:

If you deliberation Taleb really wrote his books, and not immoderate Lebanese ghostwriter, oregon that Paul Krugman has much than an ounce of a brain, past person I got immoderate squid ink and a fax instrumentality to merchantability to you.

If they’re your level of hero, merchantability your bitcoin earlier the achromatic swan comes to devour immoderate is near of your fragile intellect.

taleb disguise  successful  plane

29. If you’re an academic:

Then you’ve got small hope. Bitcoin is mostly incompatible with your exemplary of the world, truthful unless you tin deliberation beyond it, you should conscionable merchantability it, get a bluish checkmark and spell adjacent reappraisal immoderate insubstantial cipher is ever going to read.

30. If you’re a progressive oregon Marxist Bitcoiner (whatever the fuck that means):

Then you request help. Seriously.

31. If you judge the “inflation is transitory:”

I mean … I heard clown suits are connected sale, and you get a discount for paying successful bitcoin.

Here’s the address:


inflation and clown world

32. If you devour Beyond Meat:

You tin articulation Samuel Bankman-Fried, Vitalik Buterin, Balaji Srinivasan and the remainder of the soy-eating Silicon Valley nerds and turn antheral boobs whilst penning astute contracts and dreaming of your brains being transplanted into vats.

Bitcoin doesn’t enactment successful that world. Bitcoin volition marque existent beef and existent nutrient large again. It volition bankrupt Beyond Meat and the remainder of your fake fiat nutrient alternatives. If that’s the nutrient you want, past holding bitcoin is not going to assistance you. So merchantability it now.

beyond sausage picture

33. If you “trust the science:”

I cognize that if you do, you’re apt a expected “atheist,” who’s failed to recognize that subject is not thing 1 believes in, but a process of disproving a proposal oregon thought that 1 whitethorn oregon whitethorn not judge in.

So successful world you conscionable created a caller deity called “muh science,” successful a religion of scientism, whose patron saints are Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony.

Congratulations. You merit the Darwin Award, and you should surely merchantability each azygous sat that you ain due to the fact that successful your worldview, it is sacrilege.

34. If you judge immoderate of this is normal:

If you are the idiosyncratic connected the close manus side, oregon an idiosyncratic who believes that the stupidity perpetuated by bureaucrats is successful immoderate mode normal, oregon that hiding down look diapers, spending your last years successful isolation, mentally deranging children by covering up everyone’s faces, dancing with your backs to each other, grooming astatine the gym with a disguise oregon fist bumping each different astatine a region is successful immoderate mode an acceptable signifier of life, past erstwhile again, PLEASE merchantability your bitcoin. You’re acold amended disconnected with an ESG-compliant CBDC issued by the World Ethereum Forum’s economical committee.

Svetski representation  comp

If you’re unsighted capable to person not seen done the lies, and anserine capable to beleive that tyranny is thing that conscionable “appears” from retired of a vacuum, past you conscionable don’t get it. In fact, you are the cleanable campaigner for defender oregon Capo, and for your benignant bitcoin doesn’t work.

image compilation

36. If you deliberation authorities comes earlier economics:

Then you neither recognize what bitcoin is oregon wherefore it exists.

You whitethorn adjacent parrot tropes similar “separating wealth and state,” but what you don’t recognize is that Bitcoin goes acold deeper. It separates economics from politics, and if you deliberation that the caller epoch Bitcoin ushers successful is 1 wherever economically virtuous individuals tin beryllium outcompeted by politicians, you’re NGMI.

Sell your bitcoin now.

37. If you deliberation governmental decree tin outcompete carnal reality:

Then you indispensable besides judge that jumping and telling yourself that “there’s nary gravity, there’s nary gravity, there’s nary gravity” volition prevention you.

You whitethorn arsenic good merchantability your bitcoin, alteration your sanction to Icarus, marque immoderate wax wings and effort it for yourself.

38. If you deliberation the representation is the territory:

Then you are by explanation lost.

If you deliberation the exemplary comes earlier world past cardinal readying is the occupation for you, and erstwhile again, you should merchantability each your bitcoin, due to the fact that it doesn’t springiness a crap astir immoderate of your models, maps oregon cycles. It volition interruption each azygous 1 of them and you’ll person nary thought what’s going on.

Save yourself the pain. Sell your bitcoin.

39. If you judge analyzable systems tin beryllium modeled:

If you deliberation multidimensional humans tin beryllium reduced into elemental numbers and analyzable humanity distilled into equations, past you should spell articulation the satellite bank, the Chinese Communist Party, the IMF oregon immoderate different three-letter bureau and physique a CBDC. You should beryllium the past idiosyncratic connected the satellite holding bitcoin.

40. That transforming the satellite was going to beryllium easy:

If you wanted salvation and thought it would travel with nary sacrifice, if you thought that winning was going to beryllium a locomotion successful the parkland and that we were not going to person to gain this implicit decades of ridicule, past I’m sorry, you were gravely mistaken.

If you deliberation that “The Great Transition” would someway beryllium a Kumbaya wherever we each clasp hands and skip happily onto a Bitcoin standard, past you’re astir arsenic deluded arsenic the adjacent cardinal planner and I would similar that you conscionable springiness up now. Go gully unicorns and physique astute contracts connected Ethereum.

Over present successful Bitcoin, we request warriors: The 300, not the Arcadians.

41. If your sanction is Peter Schiff, Raoul Pal, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban oregon Lex Fridman:

We each cognize what benignant of clowns you 4 are.

Raoul should instrumentality to jpegs, rainbow dildos and MetaVerse dates with Vitalik;

Elon should enactment his full luck into Doge;

Cuban should bargain bananas;

Lex should merchantability each his bitcoin with love.

And Peter…please, for the emotion of Satoshi, enactment retired of it. If you really commencement buying bitcoin, past we each cognize it’s going to zero.

42. If you deliberation I’m joking:

No I americium not.

I get genuinely blessed erstwhile bitcoin drops, not due to the fact that I get to bargain much inexpensive maize (that’s bully to have, but $20,000 differences present mean fuck each later), but due to the fact that it shakes retired each the lemmings and losers.

A caller elite is forming, and 1 whose halfway principles and quality is antithetic from the “masses” that preceded them.

We’re gathering an ark, and whilst everybody is technically invited, the terms of admittance is high. This terms is not a outgo of toilet insubstantial wealth issued by your overlords. The terms is

one of character. The terms to wage is pain, patience and perseverance.

No ”remnant” wants to spell to warfare with the Acadians by his side. He goes to warfare with Spartans by his side.

Yes Bitcoin is for “anyone,” but it’s not for everyone. There is simply a difference.

So to sum up: If you’re successful immoderate mode wounded by my comments, fuck you.

Sell your bitcoin. Put your wealth wherever your rima is.

I gave galore of you reasons to NOT buy Bitcoin successful 2020.

Now I’ve fixed you different 42 reasons to bash so.

Why did I prime 42?

I don’t know. Why did Satoshi prime 21 million?

Neither matter.

What matters is that determination is simply a wide and defined, enforceable and verifiable maxima successful Bitcoin, and determination are wide reasons to SELL YOUR BITCOIN NOW if you suffice for immoderate of the above.

If you bash not, and aft speechmaking this are alternatively funny successful acquiring much … past possibly … perhaps, conscionable possibly you volition go a existent Bitcoiner, idiosyncratic who puts successful the enactment and tin beryllium it via a heavy knowing of wherefore we’re here, what Bitcoin really means, and wherefore nary magnitude of terms question successful these archetypal mates of formative decades means anything.

If you privation to recognize what it means to beryllium a Bitcoiner, immoderate characteristics may beryllium recovered here.

The satellite is coming to presumption with however to worth cleanable wealth and successful the process Bitcoin volition sorb the different fractional of everything.

If you’re panicking astir a $30,000 drop, your ancestors volition spit connected your grave. And rightly so.

This interregnum, what I similar to telephone “The Great Transition,” volition not beryllium straightforward. This is not immoderate lukewarm and fuzzy process wherever we’re each adjacent and bully to each other.

Bitcoin is reality.

There is nary rewind oregon replay button.

It’s going to trial you, and the trial is existent life.

Bitcoin cares arsenic overmuch astir your good being arsenic gravity does.

It applies to all, and determination is nary escaping it. Beautyon said it perfectly:

“Finally, Bitcoin doesn't attraction what you think. It doesn't attraction astir anything. What you deliberation doesn't matter; that is the eventual powerfulness of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is similar a unit of nature. You indispensable conform to ethical standards of behaviour successful the Bitcoin-mediated world, oregon starve, since the enactment of unit is taken disconnected of the table.” - Beautyon

This travel is simply a rite of passage. It’s not astir getting rich, and it’s not adjacent astir a legacy. It’s astir gathering a fucking dynasty.

Cheap Sats are a bonus, but it goes acold beyond that.

It’s astir unevenly distributing bitcoin into the hands of those who get it, who attraction and who are consenting to spell up with the rocket oregon down with the ship.

These shakeouts mean that the aboriginal kings, lords, emperors and gods volition person more.

Whilst the parasites, slaves and lemmings volition person less.

We are going backmost to the property of greatness

Bitcoin falling successful terms sharply, connected a regular ground wipes retired each the shitcoiners and get-rich-quick sub-humans truthful that the royals, nobles and axenic bloods tin collect.

Nature is healing.

This is what it looks like.

And arsenic Randy Savage would accidental … “You whitethorn not similar it, but judge it.”

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This is simply a impermanent station by Aleks Svetski of anchor.fm/WakeUpPod, and https://bitcointimes.news. Opinions expressed are wholly their ain and bash not needfully bespeak those of BTC Inc oregon Bitcoin Magazine.

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