Degen Chain restarts after two-day outage, still stabilizing infrastructure

1 month ago

Degen Chain, an Ethereum layer-3 blockchain, has resumed operations 2 days aft halting artifact validation.

The pause, which began connected May 12, rendered respective decentralized applications and bridges operating connected it non-functional.

Today, the web is backmost online aft Conduit, a rollup infrastructure platform, resynchronized its nodes from the genesis block.

Block indexing

The squad astatine Conduit clarified that though the Degen Chain was present operational, its artifact explorer is inactive undergoing indexing. So, the steadfast advised infrastructure providers to initiate indexing from a designated artifact to guarantee creaseless consistency successful the process.

Additionally, Conduit has taken measures to filter transactions from astir 5 addresses, each harboring millions of failed transactions. It added:

“To bring the web online arsenic soon arsenic possible, a fewer (<5) addresses were filtered during the replay process. These addresses person tens of millions of failed transactions and were stalling the replay process. Transactions from these addresses tin beryllium replayed, but connected a hold that does not forestall the web from coming backmost online.”

The Degen Chain’s artifact explorer shows that transaction indexing is successful progress, with the complaint astatine 95% arsenic of property time.

What caused Degen Chain outage?

An earlier statement from Conduit explained that Degen Chain’s issues began erstwhile it completed a customized configuration past Friday.

According to the firm, this update caused 2 of its chains—Degen and Proof of Play’s Apex—to halt “posting batches for much than 24 hours. Upon resuming, the archetypal batches triggered reorgs connected some chains.”

However, Conduit promised to supply a much elaborate post-mortem astir the incidents, adding that the upgrade that caused the network’s issues was validated connected testnet earlier rolling retired to mainnets.

Meanwhile, the caller issues wrong Degen Chain person sparked accrued attention connected layer-3 blockchain networks, stirring part wrong the community.

Particularly, skeptics specified arsenic Polygon CEO Marc Boiron person antecedently cautioned that these networks chiefly service to divert worth from Ethereum onto the layer-2 platforms hosting these layer-3 solutions.

The station Degen Chain restarts aft two-day outage, inactive stabilizing infrastructure appeared archetypal connected CryptoSlate.

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